Customer Case Study: Telenet

Enabling a smarter programme guide

Media Distillery implemented it’s award-winning technology at Belgian communications company Telenet. This customer case study describes how Telenet is using EPG CorrectionTM to address the apparently simple problem of identifying when television programs actually start. Telenet is rolling out the Media Distillery technology in phases across over 100 television channels. It will provide an improved experience for up to 1.8 million Belgian households.

A solution to a major source of frustration

Since the first video recorders were available, consumers have had to deal with the problem that TV programs rarely begin at the advertised time. While broadcasters can use various technical systems to signal more accurate start times, they are often inconsistently available across channels. Using artificial intelligence to understand what is inside video, Media Distillery can mark the exact start of a program.

Read the full case study!

Read the full 12-page case study (PDF) to get an in-depth understanding of the problem and how Media Distillery and Telenet worked together to come to a solution. The case study also describes how the solution was implemented and reveals some of the impressive results. Ultimately Telenet explains how they experienced the co-operation with Media Distillery.

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