Monitor your brand on
radio, television and in online video

Real-time Monitoring

Media Distillery analyzes 100s of TV and radio channels 24/7 and can also monitor online video platforms continuously based on Deep Content Understanding™ platform. Media Distillery works with Media Monitoring companies and allows them to integrate our search results in their dashboards.

Brand Recognition

Media Distillery can automatically detect logos in 100s of different TV channels and online video. Get a clear view of how your logo has been visible, and for which audience. Our brand visibility leads to actionable intelligence for optimal brand exposure.

Online video monitoring

There is a whole new generation only consuming and creating content on online platforms, such as Youtube. Thousands of vloggers are mentioning brands, and multiple interesting topics are being discussed. As a company, you cannot miss out on all of this relevant information. Media Distillery allows companies to monitor online videos in (almost) real-time in order to keep the finger on the pulse.

Photo reader

Media Distillery can automatically scan millions of images, and detect logos and faces in social media, newspapers or magazines, for instance. This will give you an accurate overview of where your logos or faces were visible, and save you a great amount of manual work.