Brand Recognition

In the hundreds of different TV channels that we monitor and the millions of online videos, your company or brand is bound to appear. Our technology automatically detects brands through speech-, logo-, text- (OCR) and subtitle recognition, and analyses their visibility. We keep track of the number of mentions, the amount of visibility, audience ratings and your media value. Media Distillery gives you the opportunity to optimise your brand exposure on radio, TV and in online video content.


Our state-of-the-art machine learning technologies allow us to detect your brand through speech-, logo-, text- and subtitle recognition. The combination of these technologies enables you to get a complete overview of your brand’s visibility.

Actionable intelligence

The data on brand visibility extracted from radio, TV or online video content allows you to customize your marketing and advertising strategies in order to ensure optimal brand exposure.

Key metrics

We are able to monitor a variety of different metrics, including the number of hours of video analyzed, the amount of visibility, the number of mentions, as well as audience ratings and media value.

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