Online Video Monitoring

Online video content has taken up a major part of people’s lives, especially the younger generations. Large amounts of new content are being uploaded every day, mentioning many companies and brands, and discussing a wide variety of topics. For you, as a business, this content may contain highly valuable information. Our technology can monitor your (brand) visibility in such content in real-time, which enables you to stay on top of your presence in the online sphere.

(Near) real-time monitoring

Online Video Monitoring occurs in near real-time, as we scan and analyse online content (eg. Youtube channels) every 10 minutes for new uploads and videos. As soon as our technologies detect a mention of your company or brand, our notification system will inform you.

Easily traceable

The results of our analysis can be found in our own search engine, where you can easily locate the online source, the video title and the exact time your brand was mentioned or detected. And you can even replay the video to see it for yourself.

Audience Measurement

Our technology allows you to monitor your audience. In what kind of videos does your company or brand appear? Who are the target groups of these programs? On which channels? This actionable intelligence will enable you to improve your audience development.

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