Photo Reader

Manually checking images in order to find logos or faces in newspapers, magazines or social media? This can and should be automated! Our technology automatically scans millions of images on a daily basis, saving you hours and hours of manual labour. We can identify logos and faces at a very high speed and on an unparalleled scale. By getting the best of both worlds, you will be provided with an accurate and comprehensive overview of where relevant logos and/or faces were visible.

Automated analysis

Our technology scans millions of pictures automatically to seek and find logos or faces, which will eventually save you an enormous amount of manual work.

High speed discovery

The images, whether from social media, newspapers or magazines, are scanned in real time, so we can instantly notify you which logo or face appears in which image.

Unparalleled scale

Our technology platform has been designed to process and analyze high volumes of content. The architecture is easily scalable, so millions of images can be analyzed within only a few hours.

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