Real-time Monitoring

It is becoming increasingly important to monitor the visibility of your company, brand or relevant topics in the media at all times. Media Distillery analyses hundreds of TV and radio channels and notifies you when your company has appeared on a radio or TV show, as soon as it has happened. The analyses of both audio and video content can be found in our own search engine that shows the exact time your company appeared in a specific program. Our search results integrate seamlessly into the dashboards of our media monitoring partners.

Real-time analyses

Our technology analyzes audio and video content in real-time. As soon as your company or brand appears on radio or TV, you will receive a notification and this will allow you to keep abreast of your brand visibility.

Accuracy and precision

Our state-of-the-art machine learning technologies include speech-, text-, logo- and face recognition. The synergistic approach of combining these different technologies provides highly accurate result.

Partner integration

We work with many international media monitoring companies and allow them to integrate a comprehensive overview of our search results in their dashboards.

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