Parliamentary elections 2017: Competing for attention on

In the coming weeks, all the party political leaders will do their utmost to earn the most attention in the media. It is very important to be invited to popular television programs to draw voter attention to the most important items in their manifesto. The question is: who receives the most media attention?

Media Distillery and MediaBrands Marketing Sciences have recently launched a dashboard that collects the amount of ‘face-time’ of all the political party leaders on television. LijstTracker computes exactly how often party leaders appear on television, including the amount of time per specific TV program and the scope of their reach, using face recognition.This data is visualized on the website in real-time, so you can check out who’s leading at that very moment.

In the next few weeks, LijstTracker will be expanded with more data and analyses. One aspect that will be integrated is the exact viewing figures that will enable you to directly see how many people were reached with the face-time on television. Another aspect that will be integrated is the possibility to split the data for a specific channel or program. This application enables you to provide insights on whether the VARA is as “red” as they say they are, for instance ;-)!? Lastly we will individually analyse the different political debates.

Our hypothesis is that the party leader who receives the most media attention will win the elections. After Donald Trump’s election victory, one may wonder how valuable the predictions of the polls truly are. Perhaps a more reliable predictor is the amount of attention in the media…. So keep a close eye on our LijstTracker.

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January 10, 2017