Unlimited possibilities
with an ocean of metadata

EPG Correction™

The start and end times of TV programs often don’t match to the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). This causes frustration when using replay environments. EPG Correction™ solves this issue and provides real-time adjustment to the relevant time markers of TV programs, including start and end times, and commercial breaks.

Episodic Images™

Engaging consumers before they start watching a specific program or episode is of increasing importance for TV Operators. An Episodic Image™ facilitates just that! Based on the specific content, our technology automatically delivers a relevant and appealing smart still for every single episode to increase your consumer engagement.

Binge Markers™

Consumers easily get hooked on series: nowadays, watching multiple episodes in one sitting is quite common. Binge Markers™ provides the exact time marks to skip the start and end credits of an episode,  as well as the “previously on” segment. This enables you to provide the perfect VOD experience for your consumers.

Snackable Content™

Based on our multimodal video analysis, you can find specific segments within broadcasted programs. Snackable Content™ enables you to automatically create short clips based on a customer’s favourite person, topic or interest.

Visual Summary™

Consumers are visually oriented, so TV Operators should list every VOD asset or program with a Filmstrip™ that reflects the content. Visual Summary™ automatically delivers screenshots to create a relevant Filmstrip™ that makes it easier for consumers to decide whether or not to spend their time or mobile data on a specific program.

Addressable TV

Media Distillery automatically tags specific topics within TV programs that can be used to customise their advertisements. Addressable TV makes sure that the advertisements and the content go hand in hand, based on our Deep Content Understanding™ platform.