Advanced Advertising

When watching a delicious cooking program, the last thing you would like to see is an advertisement on toilet cleaners. Advanced Advertising makes sure that your content and advertisements are contextually in line. Our Deep Content Understanding platform accurately tags specific (IAB) categories within your content, making it easier to connect TV programs with relevant advertisements. A correlation between the topic of the TV program and the advertisements ensures that your consumers stay tuned. And highly engaged consumers lead to an optimised brand perception for you and your advertiser.

Contextual targeting

Our technology ensures that the ads and your content are contextually in line. Show your viewers the most relevant ads based on the topic of a show or program.

Accurate categories

We’re able to tag specific (IAB) categories within your content, making it easier for advertisers to contextually match their ads to the shows and programs you air.

Optimised brand perception

Correlate content with relevant ads and make sure your viewers stay tuned. The more engaged they are, the better it is for both your and your advertisers’ brand perception.

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