Binge Markers™

Nowadays, it is common for consumers to spend their weekends watching multiple episodes of a specific TV program in row. Binge Markers can locate and omit the start- and end credits or the ‘previously on’ segment of a TV program, and provide a smooth transition between episodes. By minimising the manual steps in switching between episodes, our technology ensures that your viewer’s attention is always on your content. Companies such as Netflix already provide for a smooth transition between episodes and it is time for TV Operators to follow their lead.

Continuous watching

Turn TV shows into hour-long movies. With our technology, you can locate and skip the start and end credits, and the “previously on” segment of episodes, providing viewers with the ultimate continuous watching experience.

Seamless transition

Minimise the manual steps involved in switching between episodes. Binge Markers™ knows exactly when one episode starts and another one ends, and enables an automatic and smooth transition.

Increased engagement

Our technology makes sure that your viewers’ attention is always on your content. Get rid of the start- and end credits, or the introduction of a show, and focus on the actual episodes. Minimise distractions, maximise engagement.

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