Content Discovery

Our very own video search engine. Content Discovery provides in-video search, enabling consumers to easily find content that matches their specific interests. Media Distillery collects rich metadata from video content that makes it easy to discover highly relevant shows and TV programs. Because of this, consumers will be able to (re)watch video segments of their favourite TV programs, events or interviews in news broadcasts. Enrich your replay environment with a search function and provide your consumers with relevant video recommendations based on their search queries.

In-video search

Our technology takes search to the next level. Because we can distil faces, objects and topics from inside video content, viewers can easily look for content that matches their specific interests.

Highly relevant content

Enable your viewers to actively search for the content they’re interested in. The rich metadata we collect from inside our videos makes it quick and easy to discover relevant shows and programs.

Open up your catalogue

You pay for the rights to all the video content you air, so make sure you use it to the fullest. With Content Discovery, your viewers can re-watch segments of their favourite TV programs, specific interviews within news broadcasts, and more.

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