EPG Correction™

One of the most frustrating aspects watching a TV program in a replay environment is that the first couple of minutes of the program were not recorded or that you may have to sit through a few minutes of advertisements before your program finally starts. Oftentimes, the actual start and end of TV programs are not in line with the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). EPG Correction solves this issue. Our technology provides real-time adjustments for every single program and channel, and corrects the difference between the scheduled- and the actual air times of TV programs and the commercial breaks. This enables you to offer the optimal consumer experience in your replay environment.

Real-time adjustment

The EPG is corrected as quickly as never before. With our technology, it takes just about 30 seconds to pinpoint the start and end times of programs and their respective ad breaks.

No channel bias

Our technology treats every channel exactly the same, meaning we can set the correct start and end times for just about every single channel and program in your replay environment.

Complete overview

We can correct the difference between the scheduled and actual air times of both TV programs and commercial breaks, so you can have everything run smoothly and on time.

Case study of EPG Correction in production

We implemented our award-winning technology at Belgian communications company Telenet. This customer case study describes how Telenet is using EPG Correction to address the apparently simple problem of identifying when television programs actually start.