Create Personalised Content

Snackable Content revolutionises your TV platform by enabling you to automatically create short clips based on a consumer’s favourite person, topic or interest, in real-time. With this solution, you can present bite-sized content extracted from long-form video content. Your consumers can search for interesting clips in all available content.

Leverage your existing Content

Snackable Content™ enables you to create an advanced search feature, in real-time and without manual intervention.

Smart Recommendations

Based on the rich metadata, you can provide customers with video recommendations, tailored specifically to their interests, viewing history and profile.

Utilise the Commercial Potential

Turn your TV platform into a "sticky" environment that will attract and keep viewers and advertisers.

How to create personalised content?

Discover more about Snackable Content™ and how it works in our platform.


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Read the full paper!

Read the full 10-page paper in which we present our platform that utilizes state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms for the real-time analysis of thousands of hours of multilingual multimedia content, including television and VoD. These analyses enable us to obtain rich metadata from the content of videos and suggest small chunks of personalised content (”snacks”) to users based on their preferences.