Visual Summary™

Consumers are attracted by visuals, especially in relation to video content. TV Operators should therefore list their video-on-demand programs with the perfect image to reflect the content. Our Visual Summary consists of two aspects that will increase your consumer engagement. The first of these aspects is the Filmstrip. This is a visual summary of a TV program that enables viewers to fast-forward through snippets of content to choose the segment that they are looking for (the sports segment in a news broadcast, for instance). The second aspect of Visual Summary is the creation of a relevant and appealing thumbnail. Our technology automatically delivers screenshots that show the essence of the content.

Increased engagement

Multi-segment shows can be difficult to navigate in replay environments. With the Filmstrip™, viewers can fast-forward through snippets of content to choose the part that they really want to see. Easy-to-find content will increase your consumer engagement.

Visual interaction

The smart thumbnails are simple and clear and show exactly what certain content is about. It’s only natural for viewers to click on the face of their favorite athlete or performer. With our technology, you can offer them just that.

Relevant content

With Visual Summary™, you are able to offer your consumers smart thumbnails that are essentially a visual snippet of a program. Let them choose the exact content that they want to watch.

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